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Kuala Lumpur taxi service is the choice of city dwellers who need fast and convenient transportation. The problem of road congestion and limited parking in the city makes taxis used by various sections of society. Taxi services in Kuala Lumpur are also top-rated among tourists who like to mingle with the locals.

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Kuala Lumpur Taxi Driver Category

At the beginning of the introduction of taxi service in Kuala Lumpur, most taxi drivers were retired government employees or individuals. Kuala Lumpur was declared as the capital city of Malaysia officially in 1972, the demand for taxi services increased dramatically. However, starting a Taxi service in Kuala Lumpur requires enormous capital to purchase a vehicle and the bureaucratic process makes it difficult for individuals to obtain a taxi permit. Both of these factors make it difficult for people to get taxi services.

The situation gets worse by drivers’ attitudes who refuse to operate during peak hours and rainy weather. Therefore, to address the shortages of Taxis in Kuala Lumpur faster, the Ministry of Trade and Industry decided to issue all taxi permits only to Taxi companies. People who want to become taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur only need to get a PSV license. They can afford a new Taxi at a Taxi company through a hire purchase process. Despite objections from various quarters, the policy remains until the year 2018.

Three Category Taxi Drivers in Kuala Lumpur known as

  1. Drivers who have a permit and the drivers themselves
  2. Drivers who hire-purchase taxis from taxi companies
  3. Part-time driver or second taxi driver from the same Taxi. 

type of Taxi service in Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur there are three types of Taxi services that use different fares system. It is known as Budget Taxi, One Malaysia Taxi and Executive Taxi. Kuala Lumpur Taxi drivers are required to use the meter. For long-distance trips such as transfers to Mersing Jetty, taxi drivers will provide discounted rates cheaper than the price shown on the meter. Please do not hesitate to communicate with them.

Budget Taxi

kuala lumpur budget taxi
Kuala Lumpur Budget Taxi

Budget Taxi Fare Structure

  • Type Vehicle: Malaysia Sedan Car 1500cc and below
  • First 1 kilometer/first 3 minute: RM3.00
  • For every subsequent 115 meter: RM0.10
  • Additional charges 50% from 12.00 midnight to 0600am
  • Budget Taxi has few limitations. By law, its only can carry a maximum of three passengers and not allowed to operate outside of Kuala Lumpur City

One Malaysia Taxi

kuala lumpur taxi
One Malaysia Taxi

One Malaysia Taxi Fare Structure

  • Vehicle Type: Toyota Innova SUV
  • First 1 km: RM4.00
  • For every subsequent 200 meter: RM0.30
  • Additional charges 50% from 12.00 midnight to 0600am
  • Capacity 5 passenger without luggage/4 passenger with luggage

Executive Taxi

Kuala Lumpur Taxi

Executive Taxi Fare Structure

  • Vehicle Type: Toyota Innova SUV or MPV
  • First 1 km: RM6.00
  • For every subsequent 100 meter: RM0.20
  • Additional charger 50% from 12.00 midnight to 0600am.
  • Capacity 5 passenger without luggage/4 passenger with luggage.

Kuala Lumpur Taxi Service

Besides using the Taxi only for transfer from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to the city. Tourist also can hire Kuala Lumpur Taxi for sightseeing and tour. It’s much cheaper than cost book tour packages if a tourist comes with a small group. The good example, a cost making one day trip to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur using tour operator service for five people around RM1400. By Taxi the tour price is 50% cheaper than tour packages. A tourist might surprise some Taxi driver can give a better commentary about the site than the tour guide.

frequently asked questions

  1. Is Taxi in Kuala Lumpur Safe?

    Yes, it is safe. The government regulates taxi services. The Land Public Transport Agency and Minister of Transportation are responsible for monitoring and controlling the Taxi industry.

  2. Is Taxi Fare Expensive?

    For long-distance or return trips, the taxi driver usually will offer a flat rate with a discounted fare. It is much cheaper and comfortable if you are traveling in a small group.

  3. Is Taxi Driver in Kuala Lumpur Rude?

    They are not rude, but most passengers might misunderstand the driver’s tone of voice. Taxi drivers like me who came from the hospitality industry might have a different approach to communicate with my passengers.


Taxi services in Kuala Lumpur were once labeled as the worst in the world. The influx of E-hailing services exacerbates the situation. However, it does not break the spirit of other drivers who are honestly looking for a livelihood to support their families.

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